The Uk textile trade and business portraits


The Uk textile trade and business portraits

I am currently undertaking a person protect about the The Uk textile trade and business portraits. My project is called ‘Factory Girl’ – A celebration in textiles and ¬†last week it took me into Jeptex Ltd.

At Jeptex I met with business owner, Nigel Payne. Nigel is the third generation owner, his grand mother (Edna) initially set up the company from her garden shed way back in 1968! 51 years later, grandson Nigel still supplies the internet and high street with Uk made garments and runs the family business employing 11 female machinists.


From a back street Derby location, I gain access through a green door, opened by a machinist on a break and into a factory converted from a print house back in the early ’70’s.

Here I find Nigel and his machinists hot on production making ‘Onesies’ ready for next Christmas’s retail trade. Despite brutal Far East competition and the worry of Brexit, an ever depleting and diminishing UK textile market, Nigel and Jeptex continue to thrive. He is shortly to launch his own retro lingerie line called ‘Cosmic Girl’. Inside the fabric store area we started to make branding photographs for Nigel (by way of thank you for his time), when he suddenly realised he need to move a roll of fabric upstairs to the production area. This made for an ideal photograph to best illustrate him within the heart and life blood of his textile empire.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Jeptex Ltd –

Date: February  2019


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