Charismatic portrait photography to make your true business identity come ALIVE


Great portrait photography makes your brand come alive. The visual representation of yourself as head of your business brand is key to your success.

A key aspect that is often overlooked is that you are your brand and visual identity. So many judgements, opinions and decisions are made about you in split seconds by just looking at a photograph. The image that you use to present yourself is the primary interface for the very first instance when your potential client first discovers you. This is the means by which your clients will understand who you are and what you stand for. There could be a fundamental reason why your business is not moving forward as it should be. That reason could be your portrait photograph is not ‘saying the right things’

I work to create charismatic portrait photography to make your true business identity come ALIVE.

Take a look at My Portrait Gallery and read what my clients say…

These images will change how you feel about yourself.

These images will help you overcome any previous experiences of being photographed with much improved confidence for how you present yourself now.

These images will provide a mirror image reality check of just how great you can look and do look when captured correctly and creatively. Often clients are overwhelmed and some have stated that they have never looked so good in a photograph before and ever.

These images will project personal brand and confidence beyond your competitors.

These images will attract the right clients to your business.

Your photos will be full of energy and engaging; your clients will know you better from just looking.

These photographs will be full of you!



My portrait photo shoot will make you more appealing and tangible to higher profile clients. These photos will provide better brand awareness and brand positioning for your business. I photograph naturally, instinctively and with an unpretentious style. You will relax and be more able to project yourself with natural confidence and style in the process of being photographed by me. This will help you find your natural confidence when talking to your clients going forward.

We start with a simple questionnaire for me to understand who your clients are, who you are, how you are currently representing yourself and what kind of brand statement you want to make. We will discuss your USP. I’ll then use my visual branding expertise to analyse this information. This includes looking at your competitors and those iconic businesses you aspire to be like. I’ll do some research and feed back with the best visual descriptions for your brand identity photo shoot, to optimise your ability to capture new clients.
Then we talk about how we’ll use your portrait photography photo shoot to capture your personal style and share your message. Part of this process is considering the Semiotics of the image where I pull apart and analyse every visual component and identify and discuss the connotations. I consider everything in the frame, what’s there and what’s assumed. It’s not just a photo, it’s a carefully, considered and crafted visual statement.

Finally, I’ll help you and advise on the “look” you’re going for—from what you might wear to actual location and any props. If you are struggling with wardrobe decisions and would like a brand make-over I can provide a stylist who will help with everything from colour and shape analysis down to carefully planning your outfit for your shoot. Nothing is left to chance. Every part of the image will make a brand statement whether you are aware of it or not.

My experience draws upon 17 years as a lingerie buyer, travelling globally for well-known high street brands, meeting thousands of people in business from all over the world. In this time I created products, following on-brand values for large retailers to develop brand identity of product ranges. Since leaving the lingerie industry to pursue my own photography business, I have spent 9 years as a studio and commercial photographer and lifestyle portrait photographer, predominantly photographing women.


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