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Suzanne Suthers is an awe inspiring and stylish client to work along side. This is the first photo shoot we undertook together last year and a shoot for her own visual and re-branding. The first shoot of many we would collaborate upon. We have worked so many  times together on shoots and with various clients over the last 18 months. She has a joyful young spirit and a kindness of character and personality and you can totally engage with her and relax and just be yourself. You totally understand that in ‘former life’ she was a nurse. Her product offer is exhausting just to hear and endless and a personal stylist for over 11 years. Miss a week and talk to her and she has been on yet another course to learn new techniques, acquire a new skill set or take on  board a new product and /or service.

This shoot was to capture the colour and style of this client. She determines the right colours for her business and domestic clients. This ensures they are visual and vital whether (on the corporate side) and walking into a high profile meeting where they need to stand out above other contemporaries or on the (domestic side) and  just want to look great for a wedding, holiday or a night out with the girls.

From colour analysis she takes you through to a style session, measures you and recommends the best shapes to fit your form and style personality. From a style session to is a retail shopping trip to start you on your new journey of creativity. Suzanne works equally well with high profile men and women.

Suzanne Suthers is a welcomed and delightful addition and service provider to my business. She has helped so many of my clients in the process of redesigning and positioning their brand and where the ultimate step is a photo shoot for which she ensures the client is totally business-centric and outstanding in how they look and feel. This makes for the very best of business portrait and creative capture and visual branding and presence on line through photographs.



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Suzanne Suthers

Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham

Date: August 2017

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