Stylish Urban Portraits


Stylish Urban Portraits

Suzanne Suthers is an awesome and inspirational stylist. We impeccably planned every detail of her stylish urban portraits. This is the third photo shoot with this client. Suzanne is incredibly driven in her fashion trajectory. She constantly ups her skills, reinvents herself and her business time over.


Every time we meet, she has completed many new trainings, acquired new products, skills and equipment.  She is highly visual and therefore needs a constant and refreshed approach in her personal branding and overall branding. Her image making needs to be full of colour, style, fashion and incorporate interesting image framing.

We also collaborate with a wealth of clients, male and female, usually high power professionals.  She has a joyful, sunny and young spirit, in parallel with a bucket load of kindness and patience. Her character and personality are totally engaging and quickly you relax in her presence and just be yourself.

She is a former nurse and these characteristics are evident in how she works with clients and the high level of popularity she attracts, due to her indulgent and patient approach. Her product offer is exhausting and endless as an expert personal stylist of over 11 years. Miss a week in conversation with her and she’s undertaken a billion new events, appointments and trainings.

Her shoot was to capture the personality, colour and style of this client. Without the right level of personality included within her photographs a client will feel less inclined to give credence to her products and services, some of which include a close level of personal engagement, intimacy and trust.

From colour analysis she takes you through to a style session, measuring key body shapes and lengths. She can recommend and predict sartorial personality. Then from a style analysis to a retail shopping trip, where she will select garments for a client to start a new journey . Suzanne works equally well with high profile men and women.

She determines  colour and style for both her business and domestic clients. This ensures they are visual and vital to stand out at a corporate speaking event, or to impactfully walk into a high profile meeting or to make a powerful statement at a VIP/cocktail party. On a personal side, she may style clients for a particular occasion, a wedding, or a holiday. She also just loves working with ladies who have wanted to dress stylishly and with fashion, all of their lives and now ‘ is their moment’ !

Suzanne Suthers is a welcomed, delightful addition and popular service provider to my business. She has helped so many of my clients, pre branding shoot. Its important part of personal branding/business brand and brand repositioning to dress strongly, confidently and accurately to attract a desired demographic.  And part of this process is styling for that website shoot. Great and skilfully selected clothing can massively change lives. A client can suddenly feel ‘alive’. This experience can create elevated confidence and happiness levels.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Suzanne Suthers

Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham

Date: August 2017

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