Professional Dog Photography and portraits


Professional Dog Photography and portraits

I was recently commissioned to photograph for a client creating a high-end kennelling service specifically for Ardanaiseig Vizsla dogs. The purpose, from my part being to provide professional dog photography for this specific charismatic retriever breed. These are a special canine breed and therefore require specialist services, a service that my client seeks to offer and  promote via their business and website.

The first part of any brief is to discuss ‘how this should look’. We talk around the key and brand values of the client’s business and what they want to ‘say’ through image making. This is to ensure our semiotics and visual messaging can be perceived, on- brand and accurate in every photograph we make together.


My client wanted to illustrate a wonderful and comfortable sense of a  ‘home from home’ experience for every animal staying and vacationing with them. The idea being that whilst the animal’s owners are away on holiday or business their dogs and ‘fur children’  are also enjoying a quality and luxurious vacation with Lesa & Rob and other boarding Vizslas.

They wanted to show a stylish, clean and clear rural space where the animals could reside and with key creature comforts for the animals to enjoy such as spacious chairs, sofas and a lovely and warm log burner to lounge in front of.

They wished to illustrate the close relationship they enjoy with their own two dogs, D’Arcy and Porthos, the intimate interaction by way of illustrating the level of care and relationship that a boarding animal might receive.

Also part of the brief, to show the recreational side, we photographed where and how ‘walks’ might look like as part of their overall  service. To illustrate their dogs as healthy beautiful specimens of this breed, relaxed and happy within their home surroundings.

We also recruited ‘Pickles Lily’ as part of the morning and interior shoot to showcase animals of all ages and another facility and specialism of this kennelling service. Pickles displayed a brilliant character and as an older animal, she slept peacefully and beautifully on one of the sofa’s and on cue for the camera unlike her lively counterparts.


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