Portrait photography and Visual Branding


I was asked to photograph Sue Green as part of a visual branding shoot. A campsite and property development are amongst the many businesses Sue Green owns and has developed. I loved this shoot for the utter delight that the images brought her. Often we work away for a lifetime trying to achieve business goals, wealth and social standing, but rarely do we hold a mirror to our own achievements. A well-seen and carefully crafted image can do just that. The shoot brief was extensive; to capture the campsite, surrounding land and countryside, buildings, office and architecture. Also key features like the horses she owns and the campsite cat. One of the joys Sue loves about her campsite is watching the young children running through the long grassy meadows on a warm summers evening,  and so we staged some local girls to do just that. Then to conclude a team shot and her personal branding shots. The result was a total visual branding for her business and an extensive image bank she can use for press, advertorial and editorial, website and online blog. And in Sue’s words, ‘Wow! Thank you so much. Wow! It makes me cry because you have captured me in my glory-loving the land .. It’s not sunk in yet.’


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