Portrait photography and Visual Branding


This client commissioned a visual branding shoot to illustrate and highlight her own business achievement as well as to provide images for her new website. This client owns and runs an premier campsite in Derbyshire. She also has run property development projects amongst the many businesses she owns and has developed. This shoot brought utter delight  to her as the photographs held a mirror to her success . Working away with heads down for a lifetime trying to achieve business goals and lifestyles often we don’t allow ourselves to look up and see what has been accomplished.. A photo shoot and a carefully made set of images can shine a light on what has been achieved.

The shoot brief was extensive; to capture so many facets of the campsite, surrounding land and countryside, buildings, office and architecture. Also key and interesting features, like the rescue horses, now homed with her and even the campsite cat. A awesome moment for Sue Green  is watching the young campsite children running through the long grass on a bright evening in the summer. To capture this part for her we staged some shots of local girls doing  just that. Then a team photo session and finally her personal branding shots. The result was a total visual branding experience for her business and an extensive image portfolio to be used for press, advertorial and editorial, website and online blog.


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