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Pam and I connected ironically when I was presenting and talking to an audience about the importance of branding in image making. She was in the process of making major changes in her life. She was determined to completely reinvent who she was personally and professionally and also to refocus, revisit and represent her brand and business offer. I don’t think I have worked with a client who has been quite so determined and has made such a transformation in such a short period of time. And her shoot was just sensational. During her personality portrait shoot she just shone through the lens in a way I had not witnessed previously.


Pam came to Stephen Goddard, Suzanne Suthers and myself for a full image and branding overhaul. She was styled and coloured by Suzanne Suthers, outfits, shapes and styling discussed in detail and planned for her life style photoshoot. This meant visually she would make great impact through her portrait photographs with me. Alongside this, she re-focused her brand and product offer working on her website re-write and update with Stephen.

There are two strands to Pam’s business; Pitch Perfect Presentations,  Everything you need to know from the basic 30/60 seconds or Elevator Pitch, all the way through to a full 30 minute Guest Speaker Slot or Client Brief, facilitated through courses that can be delivered both 1-2-1 and in groups of individuals and can be tailored to corporate requirements too.

The other strand of her business  she names  ‘Phoenix Rising’ which was created thoughtfully from parts in her own personal  life and journey and is to help & support those in making lasting changes with confidence. Her own life experiences add richness and depth to such services. She is deeply kind and direct speaking and with an honesty that just adds to her personal brand, warmth and charm. Walking around Ashbourne to make her life style photographs she had a kind word and encouraging message for everyone we met.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Pam Edwards

Pam Edwards – Phoenix Rising Services  
Date: October 2018

Stylist: Suzanne Suthers

Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham

Stephen Goddard  Kuku Creative

Kuku Creative

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