Personal branding portraits


I love photography that celebrates an incredible personal achievement. People who have performed something extraordinary and against all odds.  A life challenging and changing movement and moment. Chris came to the Nottingham studio to mark a place and time in his life. A moment in time and a wonderful personal branding opportunity, if he wanted to use it as such. His story is private but I can tell you that he had lost an incredible amount of weight and gained a high level of fitness in the very middle part of his life. He was fit, muscle toned and ‘thin’ for the very first time ever. An incredible achievement and I know that these photographs made him very happy. These photos held a mirror in order that he could see himself as he really was.  This proud moment had motivated Chris to help, develop  encourage others at his friend’s gym.  These photos celebrate his personal achievement but also help him promote his personal branding and visual brand.

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