Office Style branding photos


Last October Donna and I were in discussion via email with regards to my shooting some office style branding photos for her and the team at Farsight Recruitment. Then came Covid. Whilst I continued shooting with some clients at a safe distance many of Donna’s staff were either better placed working from home or ‘on furlough’. We had been talking about this shoot for a while and so it was a great shame to postpone.

Fast forward to mid May 2020 and everyone is back in the office and our shoot day finally arrives.


Office Style branding photos

So I am walking back into this business after 4 years to photograph them again. This time though, it is not studio style head shots but office style branding photos, to support both website and high levels of social media activity. They now have a marketing manager who is working hard on promoting their profile and brand.

I recognise around 3-4 people from the original team and so thats a really good start with familiar faces. The thing that amazes me so much about this company is how close they all are. They are a vibrant and ambitious team with such a positive vibe about them. I start by photographing the office meeting during which Becky’s puppy (Walter) wonders around, mingling between people legs. He is a new and welcome part of the team. It is a positive meeting to photo-observe and Becky, heading up the meeting, has nothing but positives and praise for everyone and a welcome for two new team members.

I am shooting documentary office photos today and then spending 10-15 minutes with each team player to shadow-shoot their job role, Images that they can use for their own company profiles but also to visually describe their personalities and accompany / double the impact of any editorials written for marketing. This company have historically always used stock photos. Now they understand the importance of using their own images (and why the office style branding photos) to make better emotional engagements with potential clients that better convert to business.

I love that everyone appears to deeply like and respect each other. Donna heads up the team and everyone will do anything for her. It is clear to observe. And this team regularly socialises together outside of work. This makes for a stronger bond and easier work ethos. I love coming here. The vibe is ALWAYS good and everyone is really willing to make photos even if some are a little nervous.

We include a final photo- stop in Sadler gate and at a venue that I have not visited since I was a teenager. It is a cool brick walled space with a chill out sofa, which used originally be a record store (R.E Cords) back in the late 1980’s. We make some informal shots and team pics which demonstrate their togetherness and the personalities of them all. Donna just blends in. She clearly leads in the office and is the reason behind the fantastic work place Kama and the tight knit relationship of this team. Here in the photos she is just one of the crowd because she is deeply liked and respected.

In conclusion this half day shoot has provided this lively progressive recruitment agency with meeting shots, team leader profiles, documentary style job photos and individual location profile pictures. A huge body of images that will last them a good couple of years of marketing and PR alongside website updates. This images will better connect them to potentially bigger clients as they raise their visual profile online.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Farsight Recruitment

Farsight Recruitment .

Date: May 2021

Location: Derby city centre.




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