Marketing Consultancy Business Portraits


Marketing Consultancy Business Portraits

I’ve photographed Hannah twice now as her marketing consultancy grows and evolves. We revisit her visual branding to create the perfect marketing consultancy business portraits every five years.

Five years is a typical time line with all my clients as businesses significantly change over a five year period. Often clients develop new specialist areas, can offer new and improved products and/or market forces take them in new directions and often to new clients. It is therefore vital to create the most visually accurate representation of a client for that right place in time. The more visually accurate and ‘of the moment’ the higher the level of engagement my client will experience through out reach and accurate image messaging.


Also we significantly visually change and alter our appearance every 5 years and business portraits need to be a faithful representation of us in ‘real time’.  An ideal indictator and I ask of clients, if you were to enter a room to meet and greet a new client would they immediately recognise you from the image they have connected and engaged with on line?

My client as a marketing consultant and trainer enables organisations to understand their market place, identify ideal customers and implement marketing activities to engage them.

Hannah has a strong track record in:

• Marketing strategy and planning
• New product/services introduction
• Building brand awareness
• Implementing effective marketing campaigns that generate a return on investment
• Managing global and local marketing budgets
• Mixing traditional and ‘new’ media (digital and on-line)
• Working with cross-functional teams

Her experience includes: Automotive, IT, Construction Chemicals, Sport and Leisure, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Charity, Health & Fitness, Education and Healthcare industries.

As part of my process and brand visual re-focuss we talk about her client demographic and areas of specialist knowledge and skill set. Her images are taken on location here with permissions agreed in advance at a determined space and place. This space is the Nottingham Advanced Manufacturing centre where we spend three – four hours making the right images in the right chosen location. A location where she is easily placed to meet her rightful demographic. A location that her clients and prospective clients will instantly recognise and engage with in her images. A location that will reassure them that they have made the right decision in selecting her services.

My client was styled by Suzanne Suthers , Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Hannah Sookias – Sookias Media

Website : Sookias Media

Date: May 2018

Stylist: Suzanne Suthers

Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham


Location  – The Nottingham advanced manufacturing centre 



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