London branding photography shoot


In August this year I staged my first London branding photography shoot since lockdown. It has been a crazy-great-troubled year for me because of Covid19. I have been more active and travelled longer distances to shoot branding portfolio’s for my clients to become more visual in a rapidly changing, challenging and virtual world. In this London branding photography shoot we made premier photographic representation for a high level executive coach, Olwyn Merritt.


London branding photography shoot.

This year has shaped many businesses towards a virtual existence. So many of my clients now teach, inspire and coach online. They run podcasts and zoom training courses. Because of this they require a greater level of optimum professional images to make their articles arrest and come alive with striking, strong and on-brand photographs. This will ensure that teaching and coaching is supported by editorial quality images  and equally engaging. My clients need to stand out online against a wash of other businesses. They need to stand above their contemporaries and their competitors.  They are hugely skilled individuals. They deserve to stand above in photos. They need to reflect in image making the level of business and status as it actually IS for them in real life.  The Images must equal the quality of the text they write.

Many have global clients, so their home environments and business environments need to be clearly identifiable to an international client. To this end we made Olwyn’s photos in London, St Pauls and The City area.  Many of Olwyn’s international clients will recognise her in the capitol city and placed in an area where her business takes place. Olwyn’s demographic is Tech companies, Banking and Pharma brands. The locations we have used are known for these particular business genres. She is ‘at home’ here. This is her territory.

This shoot required a huge amount of planning and meetings in advance of any photos taken. This was to determine that every detail was ‘right’, on-brand and on- message; pitched at the correct level. We also hired iconic venues that would best reflect Olwyn’s brand to make the right visual messages. We brought on board a colour specialist and stylist (Suzanne Suthers) to optimise Olwyn’s outfits and shoot look. There were differing transportation and travel plans; trains and cars, taxis in between locations and so everything had to be tightly timed and scheduled.

We shot In the Argyll club for premier skyline and board room meeting creative capture; The Kings Place to incorporate contemporary and urban and also over the Millennium bridge to illustrate great views over the city and a strong commercial backdrop.

These images and locations place Olwyn at a premier level to attract the correct calibre of clients that she already serves as an executive coach , for C-suite, VP and P level global businesses.



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Olwyn Merritt

Date: August 2020
Location: London – South Bank  & The City/ St Pauls

Venue  : The Argyll club

Styling for Olwyn  Suzanne Suthers


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