Location branding shoot


A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Salford Quays to photograph Suzanne Suthers personal stylist location branding shoot.  I have photographed Suzanne about 4-5 times now. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of watching this colourful and charismatic brand grow and evolve. On working consistently and closely with a client you click into their flow, you observe any direction changes and any new products that naturally attach themselves to the brand. I often follow my clients progress online. I watch their social media feeds and observe how they chose to use the images banks that we have created together.


Suzanne is based in Nottingham and she holds London and Manchester clients. More recently and since the pandemic she works with global business leaders. In the last week alone she has styled a client based in New York. Suzanne has a wonderful humility driven way of working with people. Her generosity, kindness  and laughter are abundant. She is so easily likeable, a true professional and one hell of a hard worker.

Location branding shoot

This shoot had to be something a bit special. She wanted to focus on growing higher level clients in the Manchester area and so a location branding shoot takes us to the right place.

As a stylist her shoot is a little different to my other commercial clients. Suzanne is known by her style, clothing choices and vibrant colours. This shoot included an incredible 7 outfit changes on location. A cool 7/8 varying backdrops to cram a massive amount of visual content into her images.  Suzanne lives on social media and needs images that will elevate her above all competitors, make dramatic impact for her and to connect her to higher profile clients, both women and men. A branding location shoot immediately sets her above all the rest.

Photos like these tells us many things about 🌟 Suzanne Suthers Personal Stylist. Firstly that she is a successful business. (A good photo shoot always says ‘successful business’ as only successful businesses commission photographs, don’t they? They cost money after all). Because it’s a shoot ‘on location’ and a 150+ miles away from her home and studio, this substantially dials up and double’s her business equity and perception from ‘good’ to ‘exceptional’.

She’s taken a complete day out of her business, driven to an incredible urban location to make photos. This tells us about the confidence she holds in her own ability and business (and therefore gives you increased confidence to use her services). If she didn’t feel she had a really great business she wouldn’t make a shoot like this and on location.

Placed in an affluent city area indicates the level of business and the types of client demographics she attracts (and wants to attract).

She looks comfortable in her own skin, friendly, happy with a joy of life about her. She doesn’t look arrogant or smug, but kind and approachable. And she is dressed well as you would expect from a personal business stylist. She is mirroring what she can do for you by illustration, ‘like how I look and feel, I can do this for you’.

There is something incredibly young in the spirit that shines out from this shoot, you sense and feel the cheeky laughter throughout. She personifies happiness.

So what can she use this location branding photo shoot for?

It’s a common mistake to feel a need to state the content of the photo to her audience.

Your brain had already processed this information, instantly, subconsciously and in spilt seconds, on viewing her images!

‘ Here I am at Salford Quays…’ She does not need to. The photo talks to her audience without a need or explanation about where she is. (Unless of course Suzanne wants to talk about her photo shoot day and experience).

Simply stated, It is a business leader personality shoot made to attract a certain higher level of business leader subconsciously. The images state this and so she simply should ‘talk’ to her audience.

‘ Today I received a really great recommendation from a client…’

‘ I really get inspired when I read…’

‘Id love to tell you about..’

‘This season’s colours are so brilliant for business suits’




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Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Suzanne Suthers

 Suzanne Suthers 

Date: June 2021
Location: Salford Quays




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