Local business photos



Local business photos

It is really great to be asked to shoot local business photos for local ambitious business people.  I travel all over the UK to make strong branding photography for all kinds of expert leaders. The opportunity to shoot locally is rare. And so I am totally DELIGHTED to share with you my local business photos in Burton from Graeme Harris recent street/village portrait shoot.


It was a total relief and a joy to be out shooting again just a few weeks ago. Originally this shoot was scheduled for New Year. This coincided with lockdown and so had to be delayed.

This collective of images finally taken as part of just an hours location branding photo shoot was made a month later in early Feb.

Just an hour’s photo shoot provided Graeme with a handful of quality images, sufficient to launch a new ‘one-page’ simple website (build via Tracy Nettleship). A varied number of images that will also refresh his social media and start to enrich his new online brand.

So where do you make portraits of a property developer to place him in his correct environment? The answer is to determine the kinds of builds Graeme creates, the locations and the landscapes.

Even for an hour’s shoot there’s a reasonably detailed conversation upfront. This is because there IS denotation and connotation in every photograph (factual information and assumptive narrative). It is important in terms of branding to use the right backgrounds, if images are made away from a blank canvas studio set. It is not accurate enough to shoot business clients anywhere. They have to be relevant otherwise it can convert to the wrong or misleading impression and information. So many subconscious messages are at play in every image that we view. We draw opinions and make decisions quickly and often without conscious thought.

Graeme seeks areas to build and develop family homes in rural locations. New houses developed in countryside close to villages for home owners to experience a certain lifestyle and rural way of living. And so by placing him in a country village location, we suggest places that could be close by to his property builds. These locations both nod to this possibly being his  ‘home town’ and personal environment but also suggests a kind of location where his clients might seek to buy. These conclusions are drawn merely by placement.

With many photos taken on my shoot there are options. I shoot predominantly for website and social media usage but some closer in which can be cropped to head shots for social media profile pics.



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Graeme Harris

Harris Development Group Ltd.

Date: February 2021
Location: Newton Solney, Staffordshire.

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