Lifestyle photography – destination locations


Lifestyle photography – destination locations and portraits captured using this process can speak volumes about you, your personality and  business success without the need to utter a single syllable. Shooting portraits 11 years ago, ‘the business portrait’ was usually a studio shoot and a rigged plain background, preferably white or off-white.  The portrait didn’t encompass anything apart from the subject, made without embellishment or detraction, simply a face, head and shoulders or half body against a flat and plain background. It was more a point of recognition or reference rather than the provision of narrative. It depended and relied upon business being made face to face. A portrait made this way was simply an introduction.

Currently so much more business is created and passed on line without the need or desire to meet before hand. To this end the photograph has now to work far harder than ever to better illustrate its subject content and to provide a narrative now displaced by omitting that meeting.

Lifestyle image making and portraits can be created to illustrate an office or work place environment or to show something of the personal side of your life. In both scenarios it is creating visual narrative.

Illustrated here my client wanted to make a lifestyle statement, about her personal life, achievement, success and wealth derived from such achievement. Taken on a yacht as a full page image on her website, for example, a strong message is made. These types of photos suit life coaches, wealth managers, inspirational motivators, and any sales-led business which advertises high £-success rates for high achievers.

The assumption we make from this image is that my client is an entrepreneur and high achiever. It also places her with clients who either aspire to gain the same level of wealth as she has,  or those who are already in that category. Therefore this image calls out to a specific and carefully honed demographic.


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