Life coach branding photos


I have been talking to Meli Elezi all year around  the subject of photography and life coach branding photos. She was a client that came to me via Linkedin. She originally just wanted a bit of help with iPhone photos. She asked my advice concerning her LinkedIn portrait head shot. I was quite honest for her benefit in that it wasn’t a good representation of her professional business.  Following this conversation she then sent me a selection of self portrait photos she had taken. I offered some advice and suggested she try again. She did but couldn’t achieve the shots required. We followed up with a zoom chat and she booked me for her new business life coach branding photos.



Life coach branding photos

Our first issue was access to premises. Meli uses practice rooms in Wilmslow: a beautiful town just outside of Manchester. It is a wealthy area and suits her client base. We were chatting throughout Covid 19 and just waiting an opportunity to gain access. Finally during August we had our window of opportunity as offices began opening up again and businesses became accessible.

We discussed carefully the images we would make in Meli’s practise rooms. We took careful measures including gaining access on a Sunday when no one would be around. We were able to make a number of varied images using different rooms for photos  and using three different outfits. After using each room we cleaned surfaces appropriately.

We then made images outside in the streets  to share an illustration of the environment with her potential clients. We made strong and engaging images that make her credible and prominent at a premium level. These images will serve her well for a brand new website and any kind of social media channel posts, articles, webinars, work shops that require equal support from strong and engaging images. These set her above her competitors and raise her profile to attract her desired client avatar. Meli is a highly adventurous new business which requires a fast track approach. Her professional images are part of this high level process.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Meli Elezi

Client website  TBC

Date: October 2020
Location: Wilmslow – Cheshire.





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