Executive intuitive consultant – brand value


This commercial branding shoot was staged in a Derbyshire barn, located just outside of Hartington and situated in farmland, rolling hills and gorgeous green and open fields. The barn had been fully converted to facilitate executive workshops, talks and events whereby my client intuitively coaches successful business executives, mainly women.

These clients travel UK-wide, to better understand how to elevate their already successful brands and businesses to the next level of trading. Often weekend retreats are held to participate, meditate, talk and learn whilst sitting on bales of hay. The location is all part of my clients own branding. This location and its interior suit and fits carefully with her brand value.

My photographs are considered and made with the right denotation and connotation. Strong visual messaging is included within one carefully made image to attract the right demographic.  The leather chair suggests executive status of the subject seated and also is visually appropriate in attracting a certain TM and clientele. It also suggests a certain level of learning and information exchange. The hay bales, display a natural and relaxed working environment and backdrop far removed from a busy corporate life and the city. My client seated in an executive chair with open and confident body language is engaging and powerful. She appears authoritative, warm, and engaging. Her coffee cup suggests a relaxed approach and her hand gesture and direct gaze towards the lens visually advises us that she is addressing an audience. She looks confident, successful and vital in the photograph. This kind of image easily elevates her above her competition. She appears credible, knowledgeable and vital. Her easy smile shines through her eyes and you feel you could trust and work with her.




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