Home office photo shoot


Many of my current clients are requesting a home office photo shoot at the moment.

Oh my, how our working environment has changed this year! Our traditional urban office is totally off grid for many and a new sense of ‘norm’ morphs yet again as the Autumn season starts to take shape.

I have taken the challenge of becoming more active than ever travelling in the quest to capture branding and ‘office’ for many solo-entrepreneurs who need to be visible online, visible in their new ways of working. Oh the irony! I am ‘out’ now more than ever to visually describe my clients as ‘in’.

But what IS office and how does it now look, in photographs, on social media and websites?


And what IS acceptable and more importantly how does that sit with your business and brand? In other words what IS right for you at your level? Just as we are curious to view your bookcase, table lamps and plants on a zoom screen, we have the same ‘eyes’ for you in photographs. So any ‘home office’ images must be carefully and thoughtfully made indeed.

For many the reality is a kitchen table but this might not be prestigious enough for your brand. For others it is a travelling laptop. A travelling laptop around the home, sometimes the right spaces can be found. For others a complete space, a room of their own. Whilst many have offices, they will openly agree that they would not dream of sharing their spaces with the eyes of their clients! The answer is ‘office’ should reflect your current business status. But we can also be playful with the concept of ‘fluid’ as long as we exude the right quality level for your business brand.

Home office photo shoot

A home office photo shoot can also be pretty much anywhere where the mood and shade take you  and we can be creative to achieve that right level.

‘Office’ can be a hired space. These are easier to capture as they are clear and  uncluttered spaces purpose built to be visually engaging as well as practical (or many are). In these spaces we build up our photos with items we take in to make them more personable for the client. Office spaces however are hard to find and hire at the moment.  Home office is a far easier option provided we can shuffle furniture / items around to create the right messages.

You might be curious to why is ‘home office’ in photographs so important? It is simply because businesses continue to trade and to represent themselves through photographs. Work continues and photos must follow the new office narrative to visually illustrate.

And photographs have been proven to be more immediately engaging than text. We make split second judgements on looking at a photograph before we have even written a word of text. That is powerful. And that effects 2/3rds of the population.

And so to Sarah’s photo shoot. We make the most of a new working environment for her and we also make the most of outdoor garden spaces.  Home office can say something incredibly wonderful about you personally and this will deeply connect you with potential clients if it is undertaken correctly with care. We make images for Sarah to use across both businesses, her life coaching and also her recruitment agency.  Street shots in corporate wear place her in the right locations to attract professional corporate clients in a contemporary way.





Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Sarah Naylor

Date: August 2020
Location: Nottingham

Website 1 : Naylor George recruitment

Website 2 : Sarah J Naylor coaching




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