Headshot photography in a Portakabin


This is Cobra. Cobra is a lorry driver. His portrait was part of an ‘office’ headshot photography session for a new website for a quarrying company. The premises to rig the ‘studio’ was more like a medium sized Portakabin, than an office. It was full of furniture much of which had to be moved outside.  I was on site around 5 am in the dark to rig a ‘studio’, including a 9ft white paper backdrop, softbox and fill-in light. I had to be early to capture creative head shots of lorry drivers before they were out on the road. A tough brief challenged by a lack of space.  I had just ten minutes with each, enough to capture natural shots, some with ‘soul’ like this guy. I had a good laugh partly because I could engage and tolerate the language and innuendo. This guy, though, was kind, a complete gentleman, quiet and self-contained. This shot is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with very little space but still a full studio set up, including a meter square softbox.

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