Expert business photo shoot


Expert business photo shoot

It is a really honour to photograph someone who is textually orientated for a living and I love an expert business photo shoot where I know I can really make a difference to their visibility! A scribe; an expert with words and a copywriter;  Louisa has a legal background, she started her career path as a legal secretary. Her details and questioning is acute to ensure she totally understands a clients business before she writes for it. I am aware of this because earlier this year I was able to place her with a great client of mine and she now writes regular blogs and articles for him with great success.


Clients coming to terms with the camera

Photographing Louisa Sando Patel in 2019 was just brilliant. Louisa will tell you she has a real problem in front of the camera. This is because she has had previous bad experiences with professional photographers. Many clients come to me with previous photo shoot experiences that have left them disliking how they look in photos. These are however often the result of photos dating back as far as childhood. These are usually undertaken by are friends and family members. These experiences can then travel with us for a lifetime meaning that accompany us to every photo opportunity and leave us ready to fail yet again. It was however very important for me on this expert business photo shoot to try and break this and we did just this. We actually talked through each frame, adjusting mouth position, eyes and all until we had closer to something truthful.

Documentary Photography

Part of my process of photographing is documentary capture whereby I will ask a client just to work, write in a note book, type etc. This ensures I can capture something more natural and of the moment without trying to stage it which never works.

Louisa was very happy with the results, has mixed these new shots into her existing website. I have seen these shots used all over Instagram, cropped with text over, maybe a little colour washing etc. These shots are vital and working all part of an expert business photoshoot.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Louisa Sando Patel


Date: January 2020
Location: Hinkley

Clients Website

Clients website  Bright Owl Copywriting


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