Documentary Portrait shoot


This documentary portrait shoot was undertaken for my client staging and running an AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) seminar for businesses. They commissioned just a couple of hours to capture some key shots which would demonstrate and promote better understanding of this new area of technology becoming more available and salient to businesses. Also to illustrate the personality of the workshop and the human element. This creative capture was to be completely in a documentary and observation style with just a few staged portraits at the end of the work shop.


The seminar was staged at Derby’s iHub and Infinity Park. The reception area of this new building has such a wonderful open atrium and futuristic feel, I felt it suited perfectly the subject matter of the seminar especially with its oval gallery.  At the end of this shoot I knew we had to set up some shots in this new Atrium and so we sought permissions from a couple of the delegates, careful to consider a gender balance  and the correct demographic of this group and made some photographs. These delegates almost look like they are on board a space ship, with the oval gallery in the background and looking out into the future with this brand new business technology.

Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: EMC – East Midlands Chamber

Date: July  2018
Location: The iHub Infinity Park, derby.



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