Corporate photography with a natural feel


My client engages with high-level city B2B clients. Therefore, her corporate photography shoot in the studio was planned to capture personality whilst maintaining a strong business theme and posture.  A classic ‘broad light’ studio technique was used to create, half soft shadow across the body line.  She appears more casual and relaxed than a normal business portrait but her body posture is still, strong, upright (non-slouched) and confident to best display that she is both approachable and corporate and in line with her brand values. A large amount of her networking is undertaken on line and so the images created had to work at head and shoulders crop square for this purpose. It is important to create strong and powerful posture in this photograph and to position the head upright and not tipped to one side as women have a tendency to do. Inclining the head (especially in a business forum) can indicate submissive characteristics (listening rather than talking). Man rarely take on this stance.  Although within certain caring industries such a posture could demonstrate listening, empathy and engagement.


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