Business photography


In the last 18 months the definition of business photography has evolved. Before this time business photography would have  involved my visiting a corporate office. An office full of people and photographing them in open-plan spaces, with 20+ people. Or photographs taken in a boardroom with clients packed closely in and around a large mahogany oval table.
Then came covid.
All those shared and close proximity work spaces vanished, altered, morphed, evolved and most of the work force went home.

Business Photography

Even when I used to photograph business leaders who worked largely or totally from home a home office,  under the category of ‘business photography’ these photos would still be taken in corporate spaces.  Expert business leaders would travel to a shared office space to be photographed in these work place environments. It was almost like we were saying unless you are seen in a big commercial space you are not believed to be properly at work/commercial. This has all changed.
#WFH and home office has become an acceptable way of working, athough you could say through pure necessity rather than a natural evolution. Suddenly we CAN be seen at home and working from home. Suddenly it IS acceptable to be photographed this way and business IS seriously taken.
This is a set of images taken from marketing consultant Hannah Sookias  branding photography home shoot.  It is commissioned to promote her business and website rebrand.  It captures her  #wfhwk and illustrates her connecting with clients in a multitude of ways. She looks out beyond the screen to connect with a client across the room who may have joined a meeting, or she is engaging through the screen of her laptop in various expressions. She is purposely photographed articulating, listening, writing, reacting, problem solving in these shots. We assume so by her body language and expressions. These are mirror image purposely created expressions to illustrate how she would be viewed within a real live client scenario / meeting. To illustrate how she works, thinks etc.
These images show the real Hannah. They represent her online whilst the real Hannah is engaged elsewhere. The keep on engaging with potential clients on her behalf whilst she is out, watching TV, ,sleeping and living a life away from work. 

This set of images not only supports a website rebrand but also, webinars, podcasts, articles, work shop visuals, editorials, advertorials, regular LI posting, social media posting, PP, profile pictures, exhibition images, brochures, business cards, flyers and more.

We are 75% of us visually driven. This means we react to images before we have read a word of text. This is fact. The RIGHT images will better connect you with the right visual indicators and messages included. The wrong ones could at best provide mixed messages or at worst stop a potential client from connecting and gaining business. These images are strong and made will all the correct visual messages to reach out and connect to her potential clients.

Photographer: Suzanne Fells

Client Hannah Sookias

Date: December 2020

Location: Home Office / Derby

Styling for Hannah:  Suzanne Suthers


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