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Branding Photography with Nickie Elenor

I originally talked to Nickie Elenor about her branding photography a couple of years ago but the timing wasn’t quite right. This time when I caught up with her, her business and brand had changed so significantly in a couple of years that it was clearly the right time to refresh her visuals and photos through her website and online.


Nickie had also just launched a new business services company. Nickie had also rebranded to ‘Guardian Law’. Her business can now be defined by two clear strands. Her HR law side, working with blue chip entrepreneurs medium sized companies and also her business services company supporting the same business avatar.

We shot at the end of lockdown 2020 and in July 2020. I think we were both a little concerned to know how we would feel out and about and shooting together but it immediately became easy within minutes. Part of my ethos is to understand your brand with a more in-depth view to how I can represent you more accurately in photographs. Then we discuss’ how it will look’ and problem solve locations.

For Nickie’s shoot, we really crammed in the variety. We wanted a number of home style office shots to illustrate Covid working; working and delivering from home. These photos would support future articles and training courses that Nickie would launch and deliver on line.

We chose three office scenarios (because we could!). Her work place was empty due to staff working from home so that was easy access to take photos of office scenarios at 2m.

Branding photography on the street

Secondly we took to the street for further branding photography and business portraits.  The streets we chose were purposeful. They were streets where Nickie’s business was located. They were also streets full of law companies and so we placed her in an environment where she would be recognised by contemporaries and potential clients. Our back drops were often blank but natural white washed walls. These types of walls and buildings suggest wealth as they were beautiful town houses of some considerable standing.


Branding Photography with space

Many of the photos taken for Nickie were made with considerable space around them. This was totally intentional. The space allows greater flexibility of usage on her website. It also allows her to use these images to drop text onto them, to start articles, posts, make statements on social media. Images she could rotate and reuse time over. They will last her well over a period of 5 years.


Branding Photography Office 2 & 3


We then popped back to her home to shoot some meeting shots in a home office there and also to another home office that she sometimes works from close by. All of these locations add variety and narrative to her images. They tell stories of how and where she works. They show her personality for how it actually is and in a natural way. A couple of her clients on LinkedIn have stated, ‘These shots are so Nickie’! This is the greatest compliment and acknowledgement that the shoot has captured my client correctly. If her clients clearly feel the warmth of her personality through her images then they are accurate in representing her online when she is not around to be seen in person.


Why not consider using a stylist pre-shoot?

I always highly recommend Suzanne Suthers to discuss wardrobe options pre-shoot. She can review your personal colours and shoot outfits. She can shop with you and design pinterest boards. It is so important to get your look just right for your business to attract the right clients. Most of her services can now be carried out virtually.

Suzanne is also brilliant at assessing your shapes to ensure you get that right jacket length and body balance throughout your wardrobe. It will change how you dress going forward and how you shop (for the better). It will change how you feel about yourself.




Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Nickie Elenor

Date: July 2020
Location: Nottingham – The Ropewalk

Website : Guardian Law

Styling for Nickie Elenor  Suzanne Suthers


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