Branding Photographer – Street shoots


Branding Photographer – Street shoots

Are you an expert business; a consultant of any kind who runs your own company and needs a branding photographer to take just a few photos for a website refresh and social media update?


Clients just looking for an hour shoot, location depending, can still achieve a good amount of varied images with me when we shoot on location. If you are a distance away from me, why not hop into the car and I will still photograph you in an hour in a premium location that will suit your brand and clients. I am very close to Nottingham which has a wealth of possibilities and is a wonderful charismatic and contemporary urban city.

Priti Joshi wanted just an hour for a few images for a very simple website build and also images she could use across all media platforms on the run up to Christmas to promote her brand in a strong and premier way.

Branding Photographer – Street shoots

I LOVE shooting ‘Street’!

There is something wonderful, animated and ‘of the moment’ in images captured in the street with a client.

On looking at the photo you feel almost intrusive and voyeuristic a little. This photo takes you into my clients professional world for just a moment.

It feels very real. It is intentional.

This image is made in the right location. An affluent city, urban location full of doctors and lawyers, where my client would normally be seen and so it’s ‘truthful’ to her business and client base.

Anyone who shoots with me will agree I have unusual methods. My clients will tell you that you arrive feeling awkward with hangers in the car. We park, chat, walk, shoot, chat, laugh, share stories and experiences, chat, shoot and repeat. It is very casual (intentionally.  It feels like standing and talking with someone you know. Everything is very casual and easy and my clients love the results and return to me every 4 years for more. So not only do they love the methodology they love the £-results that my photos have provided their businesses.

The images I make although casually made (to make you better relax and look better) have a strict agenda behind them. As a branding photographer, I shoot to maximise your image usage. It matters to me that you can use your images time over. For this reason, I shoot with space around you because this ensures you can use them for a home page website, anywhere you need to drop a text box over. The space around you purposely allows for this. This same image or others made like it serve for you to drop on text (using your brand fonts and colours) for social media.

Start a debate; ask a question (text added onto your photo) then answer your question in the body of your text below. This means your images are designed for posting on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can rotate these professional images and drop new text onto them time over ensuring you can always support your media with a high quality professional image every week or two weeks.

I loved working with Pharma Brand marketing expert, Priti Joshi on this shoot. She is a strong, brilliant and a female force! These images make her look like the expert that she is. This is her first professional shoot and she was absolutely astonished (and converted!) when she saw the results, as was her sister who immediately stated how the images placed her perfectly to pitch business to board level consultants she seeks to connect with.

She spends a lot of her time on the phone to clients and so its relevant that she is pictured with a phone in her hands at times. It reminds us of the face and voice together, combined. You see the smile as she calls and you feel she has the right expert approach from this provided visual photographic narrative.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Priti Joshi

Date: August 2020
Location: Nottingham – The Ropewalk

Website : The Tone Consultancy





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