Branding photographer for business coaches


I love my role as a branding photographer for business coaches. This is because they have such a joyful approach to business and to life in general. I shoot for many business coaches. And I call myself a branding photographer for business coaches as it is a distinct niche of mine. I love these clients because they are generally open to new ideas and excited by my enthusiasm. They are incredibly brave when you present them with off-grid ideas.

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I like these clients also because they are super established but haven’t yet used a visual language very well and always are wary about how they look in photographs. When they grab their final photos and start using them weekly, they just get it. They find their nerve and then they just fly!  6-12 months later, they are back for more photo shoots because they see the £-results from using professional photos and regularly!

Branding photographer for business coaches

Beki is a bit different. She’s a business coach who works from a natural, rural and often coastal ‘office’. She can be found following the festival season for months on end with her children and partner. Her home/office varies from week to week but she continues to work and to coach during these periods. She promotes a footloose family lifestyle, where a joy of life and lifestyle outweighs the hours that she works. She is uber-active on social media platforms and teaches other coaches to follow her methodology for a joyful and charismatic life.

She leads by example and so her photos were made to illustrate that. We chose a fantastic location on the Isle of Anglesey where she loves to take her family. It also shares stunning natural world scenery, both with forest and beach as backdrops. This ensures that we can create so much more inside her photographs.

Sartorial choices

I can’t stress enough how important different outfits and sartorial choices are in photos. We are so visually driven and responsive as human beings. Clothing, colours and styles are great arresters in photographs. They can make one location look completely different, like a completely new shoot, just by a client changing to a different coloured T-Shirt. I always advocate at least 8 changes per shoot to really gain the very best of longevity of image use.

A long car drive and shoot to make these incredible photos for Beki, but all inside one carefully planned 4- hour shoot day. She is totally hooked with the results. She has gained a massive response from her clients. These photographs, carefully planned and made on location, hugely elevate her brand and product offer. She stands way above her many contemporaries who haven’t invested in a professional shoot like this.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells

Client: Beki Eakins

 Beki Eakins Facebook-The Abundance Accelerator.

Date: June 2022

Location: Anglesey, Newborough beach, North Wales.




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