Branding Photographer Brighton


Branding Photographer Brighton

You join a networking group and never know where your new connections will take you and in this instance, it took me, as a branding photographer to Brighton. I have resisted for many years in joining an online networking group. I just didn’t like the idea of being sat awkwardly in a virtual box waiting my moment to speak. And so finally and grudgingly I joined Athena, St Pauls, The City.


I now love online networking. I get it. It works. It brings you amazing clients that you might never usually meet and all over the UK.

Quite quickly I was asked to prepare an online 10 minute presentation for delivery to the group. This filled me with abject horror but at the same I knew I had to grab the thing. Just do it! It was during this nerve wrecking online presentation, to a group of probably 15+ ladies, that my opportunity came to shoot in Brighton. To become a branding photographer Brighton. To shoot for a copywriter seeking someone to visualise her business through photographs. And so through this presentation I met Helen.

Helen was visiting from another group and just liked what I had to say. She, in particular, liked the part of my presentation whereby I illustrated a number of different and diverse client’s images and asked my audience, ‘so what do you see?’ This is a great way to get a virtual room to grasp a simple concept by describing simple visual things. It is what my marketing lecturer used to say to me,  to my group when he wanted us all to articulate adverts. To dissect visual meaning as part of learning denotation and connotation. To see and to know what is actually in the image physically and what we assume by seeing it?

And so, Helen and I, we shared a 121 following the meeting and we structured a brief for Helen’s Brighton shoot. Helen’s Brighton shoot included office and playful fluidity. This grounded her professionally to Brighton. We took parts of Brighton, more commonly known, and we made a  seaside resort visually speak ‘business’. Helen even sat in a deckchair beachside at Hove, but then in holding a laptop makes a fun, charismatic image and statement, but still retaining a business content.

Expressions are key these days if we want to grow an audience online and so we made a number of different natural and arresting expressions that Helen could match text to. Images that could be rested and repeated, over and over for social media so that her clients will know her, trust her visually. This resulting in new business opportunities for her.


Photographer: Suzanne Fells

Client: Helen Beckingham

 Keyword copywriting.

Date: April  2022

Location: Brighton & Hove

Rockwater at Hove beach




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