Your Branding Photography Investment


If you’ve discovered me then you are likely to be a life coach, exective coach, a motivational speaker, a marketing consultant or expert business leader.

Unlike many photographers I am from a business background where I have worked with and developed brands for major high street retailers.

Simply stated, I have 17 years experience in being around and working with commercial people. I can articulate, engage and relax any level of business expert into a good photo shoot.

A photo-shoot that will hold minimal fuss, that you will actually enjoy and images carefully researched that you will have multiple and continued use for.

I have also been a documentary photographer for 13 years, meaning on our shoot I will ask you to ‘live a scenario’ whereby I can watch you and photograph you ‘working at your desk’, ‘taking a call’ ; ‘speaking to a room of people (even if they aren’t actually there)!

During this process I will await a decisive moment to make the right business branding photography for you.

The results are richer, natural images with a greater depth of personality. Images made with better commercial narratives.

The process is informal, relaxed and easy for you.

Need more detail? Please book a call or drop me an email to