This shoot and commission was taken in low light on a dark January afternoon. To create natural and mystical portraits which exude warmth and are engaging. They are to illustrate a side of the clients brand which concentrates on the spiritual and well being.   &nbsp…(Read More)

It is important to gain a good basic understanding of a client’s brand.  This better to determine the best environments to use for maximum effect and impact for that client.  As a commercial photographer with a background in marketing, product development and branding, I have a strong understanding of visual branding and image making…(Read More)

A photo shoot in woodland and in Derbyshire, amongst ferns and silver birch to capture documentary portrait photography of my client.  This shoot, part of many for Julie Anne, was an illustration of a different dimension of her brand. She is an inspirational speaker, but her retreats also engage with the spiritual and ritual. The…(Read More)

Lifestyle photography – destination locations and portraits captured using this process can speak volumes about you, your personality and  business success without the need to utter a single syllable. Shooting portraits 11 years ago, ‘the business portrait’ was usually a studio shoot and a rigged plain background, preferably white or off-white.  The portrait didn’t…(Read More)

Personal branding portraits


I love photography that celebrates an incredible personal achievement. People who have performed something extraordinary and against all odds.  A life challenging and changing movement and moment. Chris came to the Nottingham studio to mark a place and time in his life. A moment in time and a wonderful personal branding opportunity, if he wanted…(Read More)

Sarah is a true entrepreneur, she runs several business and is writing at least two books so far. She required professional photography to support her high profile businesses. She runs her own HR consultancy, is a life coach and motivator and regularly appears on Nottingham TV. Here she is located in the heart of Nottingham…(Read More)

Factory Girl – A celebration of women in textiles Factory Girl – A celebration of women in textiles. I am currently undertaking a personal photography project to illustrate and celebrate the skill set and role of the ‘Factory Girl ‘and her place in the British Textile Industry today. I am a freelance photographer but I…(Read More)

Julie Anne Hart winter portrait photography

A first contemporary portrait photography shoot and one of many for this particular client. Julie Anne Hart had re-branded her business from the ground-level upwards. Her requirement was new and fresh natural portrait photography that would be visually strong and evocative and full of ‘her’. An intuitive consultant and based in deepest Derbyshire…(Read More)

Natural portrait photography


As with all my work every component of this image has been considered for this natural portrait photography shoot. A suitable location has been booked. The environment has been prepared and is clutter free. Everything is clean and new. The client is dressed for a business meeting but slightly informally. A brand new iPad is…(Read More)

This portrait gives the appearance of having been taken in a studio. The lighting is carefully considered and controlled, soft and diffused. The client is positioned against an off-white background and his posture is quite formal in stance even though he appears at ease and relaxed. This portrait however was taken at client’s…(Read More)