Branding photography to make your true business identity come ALIVE!


Hello there! If you have discovered me then you are likely to be a life coach, executive coach, a motivational speaker, a marketing consultant or expert business leader.

As an owner manager,  you are already successful, and hold an established market position. Social media is a big part of your day-agenda and you are eager to discover new ways of raising your visibility online.  Maybe you are refreshing your website or having a new one built from scratch?

Looking to elevate your brand?

High-quality, natural and arresting professional photos will promote your website, articles, events, posts, webinars, editorials and so much more. These photos will constantly visually illustrate your thought chain; online personality; tilts and creative angles; and influence your market. Images made with the right conscious and subconscious messages will massively influence how you are perceived. They will more easily connect you to your demographic. There’s a reason your clients will come to you: your photos will attract them.

You’ve out-grown your iPhone images. This is your level up!

I can help you.

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Most of us are visually driven meaning we react to photographs before we have even read a word of text.

This is why having the right photos for your website and social media platforms is crucial and can easily position you above competitor businesses. (If your photos aren’t the right quality or on-message your clients will doubt your credibility and potential).

When you stand out consistently through your media and are communicating the right messages through your professional photographs, you will attract more business. It really is that simple.

Ideally you need a mix of photographs, personal branding photography, branding photography, documentary meeting shots and close up detail shots.

Making careful visual and analytical decisions around your business and brand I use a forensic creative eye and ensure I understand your business aims before I even consider picking up a camera. We discuss then what your photos need to ‘say’ and how you will use them afterwards to ensure the most effective impact.

A day photo-shoot will provide a varied portfolio of photos you can use constantly, consistently and on-point to visually promote and progress your brand. You will be excited to use them! You will find writing easier with the right supporting photos.

Many of my clients return to me time over because they experience increasingly stronger brands and many more new clients! They experience for themselves that the right photos span years of incredible publicity: Images that work hard for them, silently and continually and massively visualise articles, keeping their websites magnetic to their clients.

‘Suzanne is brilliant at creating fabulous personal branding images that stand the test of time. I am still using photographs that she made for me back in 2013’

Your images will also help focus your business and brand and enhance your own confidence levels, which in turn will change how you feel about yourself and your business, for the better.

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