Urban Portrait Photography

Mark is an international traveller and project consultant working with clients predominantly in the logistics, aviation and automative industries. Mark wanted images for a new website, blog, press and social media. In this Urban portrait photography shoot these images would  reflect the fluid nature of his business and capture him in motion and also seat him strongly in the industries where he holds his audience ad expertise as well as capturing and reaching out to new potential demographics.


The images we made took us to ‘The Cube’ in Birmingham, where Mark had business connections and with permissions we were allowed to shoot in the sky lounge of Marco- Pierre Whites bar and bistro restaurant. We chose this location because it provided us with a fantastic, modern and urban arena with multiple open feel spaces which could be taken for ‘airport lounges’ and gave his images an ‘in transit’ feel. We also took a walk along the canal to Brindley Place for a street level shoot and images set in the middle of modern commerce. These images would reach out potentially to new clients and industries. We then concluded at a warehousing and logistics company in Derbyshire for a quick shoot to add in a documentary element within his already established client base.

Personal styling – Suzanne Suthers. Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Mark Hanson

AMH Consulting services LTD.,
Date: October 2018

Stylist: Suzanne Suthers

Suzanne Suthers Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist Nottingham

Location: The Cube – Birmingham,

Location 2 – Marco Pierre White’s Restaurants – Birmingham,

Location 3  Brindley Place – Birmingham,


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