Working from home shoot


And so at the end of April, I hit the road, after lockdown easing on a ‘Midlands to London’ journey. My mission to provide a strong and engaging working from home shoot that my client could use to raise her profile.

An early start and a sulky coffee break (not me, but the Barista of a motorway coffee house ). She couldn’t hear me, she gave me what she thought I wanted and then was irritated when I requested sugar! Awful customer service that made me smile and consider to what had contributed to this service providers bad mood that morning?


Working from home shoot

Moshoodat’s commissioned a branding photo shoot with me. This client worked in finance as well as running a successful Life coach business. ┬áThe time was now right for her to fly within her Life and Business coaching persona. She had been investing heavily in this new business and was in a strong position attaining the right skill set and training. She was ready to go. A ‘working from home shoot’ was a relatively new genre metamorphosis occurring during lockdown. Clients were forced to embraced the new home office. The irony is not lost on me. I am spending longer on the road to drive around the UK to photograph and illustrate clients suddenly working from home. A working from home shoot would best visually illustrate her work ethos.

This ambitious business woman initially chatted with me through a zoom session then commissioned me to drive to London to shoot her branding photography. (A 7-hour road (round) trip).

So I finally arrived and I was sat in my car, a few streets away from her home address.  Having the last of my gourmet pastie (suddenly I am more cautious in what I put in to my body!). I drank the last dregs of my truckers mug coffee, I saw a beautiful skinny young fox, leg it in front of my parked car. It could have had my pastie, too late because it was long gone.

Arriving for my working from home shoot at may clients house. We spend a few moments breaking the ice. She explained her first outfit to me and very quickly we find our first shoot location. She then moved to go change and I started to create the set ready to commence photographing her.

A brilliant day shooting #branding for Moshoodat Kehinde Oladejo, she’s is deeply likeable and easy to chat to. A wonderful open and real person. We shared a joke about the ‘mug of tea’ shots together. I had forgotten that it was Ramadan (she HAD told me) and I was trying to force her to drink tea during daylight hours!

I LOVE this shoot, strong direct body language throughout and some varied and dramatic lighting sets. She holds her head straight up, with power throughout and demonstrates great and confident eye contact. The open door is also significant (in some of the photos), inviting you to ‘come inside and chat’ with her.

She was able to turn on expressions unlike many of my clients. Expressions which will help support thought provoking articles and will double the impact of anything she wants to say to her community and TM.

Many different locations, outfit changes and expressions make a strong body of images that she can consistently use throughout her ever changing social media.

Photographer: Suzanne Fells

Client Moshoodat Kehinde Oladejo

Date: April 2021

Location: Home Office / Dagenham

Contact for Moshoodat:



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