Corporate portrait photography


There is a high level of preparation prior to arrival for any corporate portrait photography commission in the studio. I will firstly discuss a brief with my client, usually over the phone/Face-time or Zoom. We consider together the visual statements that they would like to make, through photography, about brand and commercial image and also the end message to any prospective client. Any images for shoot inspiration may be shared via Pintrest between us. Sometimes we WhatsApp.  We will agree the garments to be worn, to ensure the right balance of suits, shirts, dresses for maximum impact, contrast and the versatility of the look.

When we then meet for the shoot my client will arrive with an armful of carefully chosen clothing on hangers, pressed and in line with his/her brand values. The minimum time we spend together is an hour. Anything less and we do not know each other well enough. Anything less and my client hasn’t had time to relax and zone out from the outside world and urgent agenda waiting back at the ‘office’. In the studio I study my clients face from all sides, whilst we are talking and from above and below.  I will ask for him/her to move around to gauge where you look the best. I have two backdrops set up just for this shoot;  a white and a black background and I’ll move between the two constantly. Different soft boxes, some lighting that’s more directional, chair or no chair, we will collaborate throughout and find the common route ad rules that serves the portrait the best. I spend the time because I cannot bare for these photographs to look anything less than the best of my client. I spend the time because it’s important to look like you but in a great and powerful way.  Great corporate portrait photography brings confidence beyond belief.  A great portrait will prove identity beautifully and creatively at all times. And most importantly because we are judged constantly and commercially through a single image representation of ourselves online in split seconds.


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