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I love my role as a branding photographer for business coaches. This is because they have such a joyful approach to business and to life in general. I shoot for many business coaches. And I call myself a branding photographer for business coaches as it is a distinct niche of mine. I love these clients…(Read More)

Branding Photographer Brighton You join a networking group and never know where your new connections will take you and in this instance, it took me, as a branding photographer to Brighton. I have resisted for many years in joining an online networking group. I just didn’t like the idea of being sat awkwardly in…(Read More)

I met Jenny at a ‘Chamber of Commerce’ event a couple of years ago in Birmingham city centre. We didn’t sit together but somehow probably agreed on the same points and at break out, we must have got talking. We then walked back to New street Station together talking around photos and took different…(Read More)

And so I met this client, Dayo O., for Salford Quays branding photography, initially in a kitchen. He was making coffee. I was trying to make tea. I was actually on another shoot with another client at the time. My client had hit a metaphorical wall. I could tell by her body language and facial…(Read More)

In August this year I staged my first London branding photography shoot since lockdown. It has been a crazy-great-troubled year for me because of Covid19. I have been more active and travelled longer distances to shoot branding portfolio’s for my clients to become more visual in a rapidly changing, challenging and virtual…(Read More)

What makes a great personal branding photo shoot? The fundamentals for me are ‘truthful, natural, information (interesting personal content) and charismatic (engaging).     Photographer: Suzanne Fells Client: Vicki Lovegrove Seventy-Three design Ltd. Date: April 2021 Location: Stapenhill, Staffordshire.       &nbsp…(Read More)

And so at the end of April, I hit the road, after lockdown easing on a ‘Midlands to London’ journey. My mission to provide a strong and engaging working from home shoot that my client could use to raise her profile. An early start and a sulky coffee break (not me, but the Barista of…(Read More)

Branding photo shoot


I love that my photography now takes me all over the UK to complete a branding photo shoot for clients. I make photos in all kinds of varied settings and my clients look much stronger and it increases their visibility online. This making them better connections that will convert into £-business! My approach is a…(Read More)

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Salford Quays to photograph Suzanne Suthers personal stylist location branding shoot.  I have photographed Suzanne about 4-5 times now. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of watching this colourful and charismatic brand grow and evolve. On working consistently and closely with a client you click into their…(Read More)

Photos of Lawyers


I am seldom asked to make photos of lawyers especially those that include personal branding.  Roscoe Fernandes came to me as a referral from a great client of mine. We set up a zoom and within 30 minutes he had ageed that I would indeed take some photos of him for better personalisation of his…(Read More)

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