Office Business photos

I was commissioned to take Adcock Financial Ltd’s office business photos. It has been totally brilliant working with Lesa again and her other company, Adcock Financial this time.

I met Lesa through a mutual connection which lead to a shoot for her husband’s Ardanaiseig Vizsla luxury kennel business. Following the huge success of this business and understanding that professional photos played a big part in establishing a quality business brand, I was commissioned again. ┬áThis time for Adcock Financials office business photos.


Office Business photos

Finance Industries are HUGE ‘people’ persons! And yet they seldom ‘use’ emotional connectors like professional photographs to reach out to new clients…. (I am not talking ‘stock images’). (Stock images provide no emotional connectors to your business. The people and premises/locations used in stock photos do not belong to your company, therefore they do not provide anything visually and emotionally tangible).

Ask an accountant, a wealth manager or an IFA, about a possible business shoot and I guarantee they will raise an eyebrow and just look at you. I have been to enough networking events to know.

They communicate in other ways, pick up phones, attend networking events and hold F2F meetings.

And yet…

They communicate in a very personable way with their clients. They discuss intimate financial details about their businesses or personal wealth, develop strong relationships and support systems that ensure their clients both trust and stay with them. If your wealth manager or accountant is a great asset and communicator you will stay a life time with them. And so why not use personable photos? It IS a non brainer, to me.

During the pandemic more financial businesses have started to use social media and I am shooting for more and more clients in this sector. There is a reason. These businesses realise that an emotional connection will attract more business for them. A big part of this is in making your own office business photos.

Professional photos provide status above your competitors, will better connect and ultimately make you money through increased visibility and impact.

Lesa and Adcock Financial are ONE of a few businesses in their sector to actually realise the importance of strong visual representation through photos. Because of this their photos will stand out even more so to potential new clients. They understand that photos illustrate in a way that text cannot. Professional photos can also be viewed as status symbols. There is a common assumption that if you use high level professional photos and often, that you are more successful than businesses who do not, because they cost a reasonable amount of money.

Chatting with brand specialists one most recently agreed that ‘why would any business buy stock photos when they can have office business photos of their own?’ Your own office business photos are packed with emotion, unique content that connects your business in split seconds consciously and subconsciously.

Photographer: Suzanne Fells

Client: Adcock Financial Ltd.

Website: Adcock Financial Ltd.

Date: December 2020 Richmond / April 2021 Nottingham

Location: London and Nottingham offices



By Tracy