Executive branding portraits

I met Jenny at a ‘Chamber of Commerce’ event a couple of years ago in Birmingham city centre. We didn’t sit together but somehow probably agreed on the same points and at break out, we must have got talking. We then walked back to New street Station together talking around photos and took different trains home, in different directions. We stayed in touch. I kept contacting her. I knew she wanted me for her executive branding portraits at some point in her business progression process.


Executive branding portraits

Two years on and finally that moment came. Jenny was looking for that next big role. She felt ready. The time was right. She was excited in her pursuit of a new position in engineering/ technology and/or construction at board level Directorship. The photos that she wanted were to help her find that role digitally through online platforms. Jenny worked in a predonimently male-orientated sector whereby accurate perception of her gender is critical. She has to look  a confident and competent leader without being too different. She has to be significantly different but still fit in. I understood her. She must be perceived as not ‘too female’ as this could potentially disenfranchise her.  And not too masculine to lose her sense of identity.

After my research and analytical feedback via zoom, we decided on neutral territory for her location. A neutral and contemporary business centre whereby we could place her in an office environment, for her executive branding portraits, alone as a leader. This neutrality would suit placement of her in any sector but at a higher level.

A 3- hour shoot presented us with a number of spaces; a hired singular office, and two break out place environments where we could position her and potentially play out informal meetings, communications and work place scenarios through a variety of managed expressions.

Within the time we worked on leadership body language and a number of different expressions to match. We tweaked, moved and retested to be accurate.

Jenny has now found that new role! Job most definitely done!

She has stated :-

‘The images that Suzanne Fells created for me have been invaluable over the last few months since our photoshoot. I need to be able to present myself appropriately and authentically…and images are so important as we start so many relationships on-line these days. You can’t help but be authentic with Suzanne – she has a great way of putting you at ease .

I am so glad that I decided to get professional photos taken, and that I chose Suzanne! Even before I was in front of the camera, she worked with me to understand what I needed from the images and what I wanted to portray. After the shoot she took time to help me to select the shots that best met my brief.

Suzanne was an absolute pleasure to work with and put me at ease in front of the camera. I felt like we had worked together on the project which gave me confidence in the result.

I thought that I would have a critical view of myself when I saw the images….but I was so impressed with the quality of the shots that I could not help but be delighted with the results. I have a great bank of shots that I can use for a range of purposes. Soooo worth the investment!’


Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Jenny Rohde

 Jenny Rohde Linkedin.

Date: August 2021

Location: Cubowork  Nottingham

Cubowork Nottingham 


By Tracy