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Corporate marketing photos for clients

Finance Industries are HUGE ‘people’ persons! And yet they seldom ‘use’  emotional connectors like professional photographs to reach new clients….

Generally speaking, ask an accountant, a wealth manager or an IFA, about a possible business shoot and generally there isn’t an interest. Ive talked to accountants and genuinely the answer has been ‘how would photos represent my business. I cant see the shots that you would make’.

They communicate in other ways, pick up phones, attend networking events and hold F2F meetings. These methods are successful for them.

The Impact of Covid

The pandemic presented a noticeable shift for more business to move to online trading. Suddenly many corporate employees were forced out of their city office spaces and displaced back into the home environs. Their new daily work stations shifted to kitchen areas and dinning room tables.  Physical networking events disappeared over night.  Every possible opportunity for a face-to-face meeting placed on pause.  A new way of working emerged. Employees were required to work differently and to seek new business, online and using social media. Some businesses conquered this for the very first time.

Experts quote that, during this period, the digital evolution has moved on by ten years in just one year alone.

So how does this effect your business?

This means that some businesses who wouldn’t normally bother with professional photography for use within marketing content have thought differently.

They have looked and seen how a quality article or important news letter and media post can hold twice the impact if it is supported by a professional photo taken of their company.  They have come to terms with embracing using more personable photography and a more emotive approach online.

Embrace the personal!

And yet for many successful financial companies a personal approach is ALREADY in place. Without it how would their clients trust them with hugely personal stuff like handling their money??

These businesses communicate in a very personable way with their clients. They discuss intimate financial details about their businesses or personal wealth, develop strong relationships and support systems that ensure their clients both trust and stay with them. If your wealth manager or accountant is a great asset and communicator you will run a life time with them.

There is a great relationship between business and client and there is a large amount of trust. Good professional photos can help build that trust when searching for new clients.

By using professional, personable photos online you will make better impact and connection. These photos should mirror the level of your business as it is NOW or where you aim to be in the next five years.

Also a professional photo shoot taken with loads of care and illustrating your business charisma will buy you huge kudos and status alongside your competitors. You will stand out and above. Oh and your clients will comment on your photos and refer you better.

This wealth management company (images from our shoot below) understood that their website needed a contemporary refresh. (Out of date photos suggests that your practises could also be out of date). My client also understood that using professional photos over stock images would better connect them. They understood this through their own marketing feedback. Clients had commented to them on previous photo usage. They were surprised at some of the comments made!

With 2/3rds of us visually driven.  This means we react to a photo in split seconds before we have even read a word of text. 70% of our clients will initially assess our business through our photographs!

This is both a mind blowing and quite an intimidating thought. Subconsciously we process visual content depending on social influences, the culture we are born into, our parents and personal views and so much more. We will look at a photo and know if we immediately like that person and business or not. We might not know why.

Ditch those stock photos!

Stock photos are professional photos so why not use them for your corporate marketing photos?

The simple answer is because they do not ‘look’ like your business. Stock photos are often beautiful photos made often  with young non-diverse models. They just don’t represent your business. Everyone uses them and so not only do they ‘say nothing’ about your business but they just look the ‘same as everyone else’.

Website developers agree that every website, for maximum impact use professional photos,  70% professional business photos vs. a maximum of 30% stock photos.

Your corporate marketing photos

The photos illustrated here will  be used for my clients website, podcasts, webinars, social media, any kinds of articles written around process, service and information content for clients. A professional photograph will double the impact of your Linkedin page. (This is shoot 2 and the London office, shoot 3 is the Nottingham team).

Images made like these with your team make your business stand out often in a sector that generally doesn’t use professional photos, so clients will better gravitate towards your website.  They are packed full of personality and personal business information to act like a magnet to potential clients.

Photo shoot images can be used every month for a newsletter, for any presentations you want to make to double the impact to your clients. . Professional photographs will make a company more money. A photo shoot is usually the price of ONE NEW CLIENT yet those Images will work night and day for 5 years.

Photographer: Suzanne Fells

Client:-  Adcock Financial

Website:- : Adcock Financial

Date: December 2020

Location: Richmond Office / London

By Suzanne