Branding photo shoot

I love that my photography now takes me all over the UK to complete a branding photo shoot for clients. I make photos in all kinds of varied settings and my clients look much stronger and it increases their visibility online. This making them better connections that will convert into £-business!

My approach is a little maverick to achieve the very best and natural branding photos for my clients.


When I meet other mavericks like Nicola for her branding photo shoot, we have a great shoot and time! A fantastic day together and it flowed from the moment we met up. We morphed and talked easily together, literally within seconds, like we were ‘old friends’ and not business people who had known each other just for a few months.  I love these kinds of meetings and instant relationships. Also this immediate connection and ensuing trust allowed us the freedom to run with ideas, act within a moment and test ‘plots’.

A 6am early start M5 drive in my trusty red Celica accompanied by my favourite truckers mug that literally goes everywhere with me. No ‘refreshment breaks’ taken behind trees this time as I was provided with proper service station facilities! A long drive to Bristol but I arrived fresh, due to these wonderful facilities and quality sandwiches and coffee.

I met with Nicola as I parked in her paddock alongside her T7 transporter. This vehicle was usually full of canoes, bikes and all kinds of leisure play as she lives very close to Bristol and the estuary. Today the T7 was a mobile photography wagon, packed with a desk and chair; home office props; and a rail of clothing. It was a brilliant piece of mobile kit for us to drive around Bristol in, stopping off and making incredible photos in varied inner city locations and country woodlands in a very fluid and creative way. And Nicola WAS a brilliant driver and city parker, who reversed and parallel parked a 10ft long wagon in to tiny spaces and in just one move!

Her expert local knowledge took us around woodlands and inner city to create a vast amount of varied and ‘of the moment’ images for a rich portfolio of usage for social media/ website.

Using local environs ensures we grounded her within Bristol, her home town, to national and global clients . Clients will see landmarks and locations that they will know to be the city of Bristol. The bright buildings of Clifton Village area are a well known visual indicator to this city.

It’s interesting that so many of my shoots usually include an office space to describe client process and ways of working . This is currently difficult with CV19. Offices are closed and meeting rooms scarce and so for many of my clients, office IS now home.  ‘Office’ IS evolving! This IS now the new norm and it will become ever more apparent in images in weeks to come.

And so we created office shots at Nicola’s home and garden but also took her desk and placed it in the woodland areas that she frequents with her family and dog to represent the new and home office in her photographs.

The ‘mask’ images we made  are to support articles that Nicola will write  concerning client issues of personal identity.



Photographer: Suzanne Fells
Client: Nicola Harker

Client website  Nicola Harker Coaching

Date: October 2020
Location: Bristol – Clifton Village  & Leigh Woods





By Tracy